Ruby Matplotlib!

Thoughts on Bubble Plots...

Hi Readers, I have had a lot of fun making cool plots and designing their geometry from scratch because it offers a lot of interesting ideas both to understand OOP and geometry/math.

Scatter Plots

Hi Readers, Let’s go through the scatter plot code base and see how we can use it for other ideas as well. So currently the code base looks like this I have cleanly divided the scatter code base to 4 different files based on the applicability. All the files do exactly what their names suggest.

Plot Constructions and Divisionism

Hi Readers,  I want to introduce you to the ideas behind the construction of a plot on top of Artist layer itself.

Developing the Artist base class part-2

Currently the directory structure looks like this

Developing the Artist base class part-1

Hi Readers,  Now, that I have finally started working on my codebase let’s start focussing on most interesting problems in development and replication of Matplotlib. I have already written a ton about the design in roadmap for the project so now I will focus more on the implementation aspect of things.

Gsoc 2018 with Sciruby Foundation 

Hi Readers,