Developing the Artist base class part-1

June 21, 2018

Hi Readers, 

Now, that I have finally started working on my codebase let’s start focussing on most interesting problems in development and replication of Matplotlib.
I have already written a ton about the design in roadmap for the project so now I will focus more on the implementation aspect of things.

But before we start, I want to take you through a thought process. Imagine for a moment that you have to draw a beautiful painting.

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What do you need to draw a painting?

The library works in similar thought process too you give it an empty paper called figure canvas and then you draw upon the figure canvas using plotting features. For all drawing and plotting purposes in this library we use RMagick.webjeda hagura jekyll theme

So where are our paint brushes and paints?

Now if you really give this some thought and think of building a plots drawn by your own hands it’s very easy to realize that every plot can actually be broken down as a combination of the above objects. It’s almost as if plotting is a language and these are the alphabets which are put together to make a word(plot).

These are raw core features that act as the paint brush and paint for our library. Using these together along with proper mathematical formulation for spacing, edges, axis, lines etc helps us make beautiful plots for our library.

How we actually go about doing that is the subject of the next blog post so please do check it out….