Developing the Artist base class part-2

June 22, 2018

Currently the directory structure looks like this

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So we have a base folder directory where I have defined the artist class and the goal with this is to design a super structured artist layer with a base class that forms the basic back bone of the repo and the rest of the classes inherit all the basic design features from this class.

What exactly are the basic design features that I speak of?

This helps draw the basic outline for a graph thereby giving you a bare bones plot with no data and just labels, axis, titles. On top of this we can build anything we want. So basically the idea is to automate the construction of a base graph as a plot with these basic functions.

webjeda hagura jekyll theme
Once, I was done with the core functions I started to build graphs on top of it and currently I built the following types.

All these graphs have individual draw+math functions that build the whole plot and automate the whole process as cleanly as possible.

Let’s look at a dot graph code for example.
We have a draw function it initially calls super method inorder to set up the graph, and normalizes the data to make it easily plottable. Then it sets the spacing for the data labels, horizontal/vertical lines and everything. Then we calculate the positions in pixels(X+Y coordinate) for the dots and actually plot the dot graph using circle method to make small dots on the graph.
In a similar fashion I made other graphs too. I will focus on the complete thought process behind building a single line graph in the next blog. Stay tuned folks!!!