Plot Constructions and Divisionism

July 11, 2018

Hi Readers, 

I want to introduce you to the ideas behind the construction of a plot on top of Artist layer itself.

But before we talk about the code let’s take a step back and talk about paintings and art in general.
As an art aficionado, I have always loved different styles of art and while I find it hard to comprehend the intellect and the effort that goes behind making beautiful paintings, I do love a few styles in particular like Divisionism.

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Divisionism, in painting, the practice of separating color into individual dots or strokes of pigment. It formed the technical basis for Neo-Impressionism.

Think of Rubyplot as a programming equivalent of Divisionism where we take a whole mathematical plot and divide it into small segments. Take for example this simple scatter plot.

webjeda hagura jekyll theme

You can simply dissect it in a simple fashion by identifying all the different simplistic drawing elements in this image which are:

The whole idea behind our library is to make sure that we can take a look at any plot and dissect it’s geometry and then automate the construction from on any dataset by normalizing(scaling) the data to fit within the plot geometry. In the next post we will analyze the scatter plot in more detail.